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Asia Pacific Property Awards
Interior Design

Private Residence Interior Design


This is the latest feather in our hat of awards & recognitions. This was awarded to us for our residential project (ongoing) in Gurugram, India.

This project is a neo-classical luxury bungalow for a family of 4.

The overall theme of the house exudes an air of quiet and subdued luxury with exclusive stone art works taking the center stage! 

Each design & element was sketched by our Principal Designer (Mr. Sagar Bhargava ) himself, which was then curated with perfection to transform a dream into reality.


Luxury Lifestyle
Awards 2021
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Filmfare M.E.

Best Interior Designer Residential


We received this award in Dubai because of the technology and methodology we use for our interior designing projects.

SKL's hyper-realistic 3D technology and unmatched CGI rendering systems, makes an unbelievable impact and helps to translate 3D designs into reality with pure perfection!

Our Principal Designer, Mr. Sagar Bhargava used his expertise of interior designing, to ensure that the end result is as luxury & realistic as it was designed for client.


12th Annual
Estate Awards

Most Sustainable Interior Design


We value all clients and understand that budget and quality expectations need to be carefully matched! Keeping this in mind, we delivered one of the most cost sustainable projects in the country!

We used our sustainability & re-usability methods to reduce the entire cost of interior designing by around 25%. With our focus on being the client's advocate to the vendor, we helped them achieve the best quality products at the most genuine prices.

Because of all these efforts, the client  benefited with massive savings.

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